Pick Up Beekeeping As A Hobby & The Bees Will Thank You!

Pick Up Beekeeping As A Hobby & The Bees Will Thank You!

I want to be transparent with all of you and let you know when my husband first told me we were going to start Beekeeping I was a little scared and quite concerned I remembered getting stung as a child and really had no happy or fuzzy thoughts about bees LOL!

That being said we took the class one winter together and we both passed the Certified Beekeeping test and we invested in two “NUCS” of bees which in my husband’s opinion is the wisest way to begin beekeeping.  He always says never start with just one hive because if you have problems with one of the hives or the queen you don’t have as many options and if you have two hives you can usually remedy your issues faster.

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So we plunged into the wonderful world of beekeeping and trust me we did it on a tight budget but slowly we purchased all the things we needed for this new venture.  We highly recommend you take a beekeeping class and find a beekeeping mentor along with having good reading materials such as following beekeeping blogs and a few choice books keeping bees.

Now that we are in our 3rd year of beekeeping I enjoy the bees buzzing around our yard and I enjoy knowing that I am helping the survival of our planet Earth as well. I also love the beautiful golden prize that we get to harvest in the summer that I call “Sticky Door Knob Season”.


We are so glad we took the plunge into our new hobby/business and have enjoyed the work and the rewards. If you are thinking about beekeeping and have any questions feel free to ask on this post I would love to answer any questions you may have.

Bee Well,

Hi everyone I am KarenLynn from Lil’ Suburban Homestead!  When Heather asked me to do a guest blog post for her I was so flattered and appreciative.  I have really become close friends with a lot of my homesteading blogger friends so I wanted to share a special post and one that is near and dear to me and my husband’s heart and that is about Beekeeping.

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9 thoughts on “Pick Up Beekeeping As A Hobby & The Bees Will Thank You!”

  1. Jordyn @ The Suitcase Diaries

    My husband and I were just talking about this over the weekend! I just him this, he is very, very interested in bee keeping 🙂

  2. Mary @ A Mama Collective

    Bee’s are one of my big and totally irrational fears! 🙂 I always see people who work with bees to be so brave. What a cool talent!

  3. Just a couple of months ago I mentioned to my husband that I want to raise a couple of hives. He thought I had lost all sense. I had no idea there were classes…..awesome!!!! Glad the hives are doing well.

  4. great post! I found a seminar on beekeeping at the local feed and grain, on Valentine’s Day, and I signed up! I am looking forward to learning more. The speaker keeps bees in several different locations across the state, and has years of experience. Your post pointed me in the right direction, thanks again!

  5. Steve (EbeeHQ)

    We see that a lot Heather, people are typically extremely frightened about beekeeping at first; But if you have the correct equipment, and the right mentor who’s experienced in beekeeping, it can soon turn into a comfortable passion. We’re trying to get more people involved in beekeeping; Happy to see you’re spreading the word 🙂

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