Raising Quality Meat in a Small Space

Have you ever wanted to raise your own quality meat but don’t think you can in a small space?

Please know that it can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. We live on 1/5 acre, smack dab in the middle of a little town, and are able to raise our own chickens, turkeys, ducks and rabbits. I would love to share with you how we raise meat for our family.

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Please know that even though our situation may be different, as we do not have any zoning laws against farm animals in our town and our neighbors are quite supportive in what we are doing, that you can still raise quality meat. First thing we had to do was decide that a manicured lawn just wasn’t as important as knowing where our food comes from. If you were to look at our yard int he early Spring, you would see nothing but barrenness. So, even if you aren’t a “full fledged” homesteader, there are things you can do to feed your family. Here are some great ideas that anyone can do, even in just little bit of space.

Raising meat chickens isn’t difficult, truly.

There are just a few things they need, like quality feed, clean water and room to move about a bit. Believe it or not, we are able to raise up to 150 meat birds on our little homestead, and since they only take about 6-8 weeks from chick to freezer, they are a short term commitment.

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white rabbit

Learn about raising meat rabbits:

Even though we personally do not eat rabbits (due to religious reasons), many have found rabbits to be an easy source of quality protein. They are quiet, easy to care for, and so cute as well! Here’s some great tips on raising rabbits for your homestead:
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Quail is another great way to get quality meat in a small space because the eggs are considered a delicacy and bring in more money than chicken eggs.

The best part is they are also Kosher, so they are a great choice for everyone. My friend Jess has some great info about raising quail in detail here.
Intro to Quail
Why You Should Consider Quail Farming

Quality protein is available for just about anyone, anywhere if you are willing to think outside the box! Enjoy! Be sure to pin this to your favorite board for later!

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