How to Replace A Broken Bathroom Mirror

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This was our old bathroom mirror. Sad looking, really. It was a 3 part medicine cabinet with mirrors that was rather brittle. Most of the mirrors broke off the hinges, and this was the only mirror left. We propped it in the corner on the sink in order to be able to see ourselves, but it really wasn’t that convenient. (please ignore the fact that it’s grossly messy, okay?)

fixing bathroom mirror

However, not really knowing what we wanted to do in the bathroom, we stalled on replacing it. Do we replace the whole vanity? Or just the broken bathroom mirror> If we do, should we take out the sink as well? What color paint would we put up? New flooring? Yes, all that over a mirror.

So, one day, while we were shopping at Menards, we passed the “DIY mirror” display. Lightbulb! We would fix it ourselves. And, the total cost of this project was $29.86 and took approximately 1 hour to complete.

new bathroom mirror

First, you want to clean off the sides and bottom of where the old mirror was. I used just basic soap and water for this. It was amazing how dirty some of it was, really.

Then, carefully remove the mirror from the box and measure to fit. Like my grandfather always said, “Measure twice, cut once”.

The mirror should come with holders to put it into place. Carefully screw those in, but keep them loose so you can manipulate them.

placing the mirror steps 5 and 6

Place your mirror into the holders and once in place, screw them down tight.

Viola! A new mirror for under $30!

new mirror installed
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