Many homesteaders prefer to raise sheep, and for good reason. They provide meat, milk, and wool.

If you have the space, raising sheep could definitely be an option for you.

a sheep eating pumpkin

So, Can Sheep Eat Pumpkin?

One of the significant challenges associated with keeping livestock is it coming up with wholesome, supplemental foods as winter closes in. This is especially true of sheep, which are overwhelmingly dependent on grass and other pasturage. But some vegetables are virtually synonymous with the approach of fall and winter. Take the ubiquitous pumpkin, for instance.

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a sheep eating some blueberries

So, Can Sheep Eat Blueberries?

Sheep are grazers, herbivores that eat primarily all sorts of pasturage, including grasses, hay, and other low-growing plant material. But sheep can also eat fruits and vegetables, including several wild-growing varieties that are commonly encountered today. How about blueberries? Can sheep eat blueberries? Yes, sheep can eat blueberries and will benefit from the vitamins and

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sheep on pasture

So, Can Sheep Eat Eggs?

Sheep are known as pure herbivores, meaning they can only eat plant matter and other plant-derived nutrition. This means a steady diet of grass, hay, various foliage, and even a limited selection of fruits and vegetables. That being said, there are a few things in those categories that can surprise you. What other foods can

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