Many homesteaders prefer to raise sheep, and for good reason. They provide meat, milk, and wool.

If you have the space, raising sheep could definitely be an option for you.

a sheep enjoying some apples

So, Can Sheep Overeat?

Sheep are grazing animals, and their diet consists mostly of grass. In the wild, the challenges associated with survival mean that they usually don’t have unlimited access to food. However, when sheep are domesticated and kept in captivity that isn’t the case: they are often fed unlimited if varied diets of hay or grain, and …

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a sheep eating some corn

So, Can Sheep Eat Corn?

Sheep, as most people know already, are herbivores. That means they eat nothing but plant matter. But more than this, sheep subsist primarily on forage in the form of hay, grass, and other, similar plant matter. But sheep can also eat fruits and vegetables in limited quantities, including several that people eat. How about corn? …

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