What’s the Global Chicken Population? How Many are There?

It doesn’t take much in the way of imagination or research to learn that chickens are the most popular livestock species in the world. With demand for both meat and eggs growing continually in pretty much every country around the globe, there’s no shortage of our feathered friends running around.

a flock of golden comet hens
a flock of golden comet hens

But have you ever stopped to wonder about just how many chickens are actually are? Are there more or less chickens than people? Just what is the global chicken population?

There are at least 34 billion chickens around the globe, and their numbers increase by about 33% every decade. Most chickens are found in Asia, with most of the remainder being in North America.

That is a genuinely astounding number. And as huge as the population is, it’s only going to get bigger and bigger over time because the demand for chicken products is only going one way, up!

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you even more facts and trivia about the global chicken population.

Is the Chicken Population Going Up or Down?

The chicken population is going up, and it has been going up year over year for a long time. About every decade, the chicken population goes up by about 33%.

In the first years of the ’90s, there were between 10 and 11 billion chickens globally. As of 2023, there are more than 34 billion chickens on Earth.

This population increase directly correlates with the increase in people, of course, but also with the demand for chicken products, eggs, and meat, in various countries.

Which Country on Earth Has the Most Chickens?

The United States has more than 9.2 billion chickens domestically, and is the world leader in chicken production by country even though North America is only number two in terms of Continental production.

Which Continent has the Most Chickens?

Asia. Asia is the largest land mass among all the continents and contains many high-output chicken-producing countries. North America is second in terms of Continental production, followed by South America, Europe, and Africa.

Out of the Major Chicken Producing Countries, Which Has the Fewest Chickens?

Vietnam. The top chicken producers are actually scattered all around the globe, with the United States leading the pack at 9.2 billion-plus, followed by China with around 5 billion, Indonesia with three point seven five billion then Brazil and Pakistan which are nearly tied with 1.48 billion and 1.44 billion respectively.

Vietnam raises about 410 million chickens annually, but that number is set to increase if projections stay on track.

Which State in the US has the Most Chickens?

Iowa. Iowa currently has about 61 million chickens within its borders, meaning there are nearly 20 chickens for every resident of the state!

Iowa is followed closely by Ohio and Indiana with each having about 45 million chickens.

Out of the Major Chicken Producing States, Which One Has the Fewest?

California. California makes passes at being agriculturally friendly, but that’s far from true. The state has less than 18 million chickens within its borders.

What Country in Europe Raises the Most Chickens?

France – it raises nearly 250 million chickens a year. France actually has quite a distinguished history in the raising of poultry, and has produced such distinguished heritage breeds as the Faverolles, Marans, and others.

After France, Ukraine and Poland bring up second and third respectively, with Ukraine raising about 200 million chickens yearly prior to the Russian invasion (it is known but not yet assessed how severe an impact that has had on the chicken population) and Poland raising about 180 million chickens a year.

Which Asian Country Raises the Most Chickens?

China, by a huge margin. China raises about 4.75 billion chickens each and every year.

Indonesia is in a distant second place, with around 3.5 billion chickens, and Pakistan in a distant, distant third with about 1.5 billion chickens raised yearly.

Which African Country Raises the Most Chickens?

Morocco. Morocco produces about 207 million chickens each and every year, followed closely by South Africa with 179 million and Egypt right behind them with 167 million chickens.

Does Australia Raise Chickens?

Yes, they do, though nowhere near as many as you might suspect. Australia and New Zealand together raise a comparatively tiny 140 million chickens a year. Australia produces the bulk of these with just a hair over 100 million, and New Zealand bring up the rest with about 25 million.

The remainder is sprinkled throughout Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, and other nations in the region.

That’s really not a lot when you consider how big Australia is, but it turns out that much of it is inhospitable even for hardy chickens, to say nothing of the people that raise them!

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