Homemade Mint Extract


homemade mint extract

I have this garden full of mint. I got a small plant one year from a “friend” and now, I can’t seem to control it. Had I known then what I know now about the invasive-ness of mint…I would go back, and plant it in a large pot, not just allow them to stick in the ground where it “would be pretty”. Oh, how naive I was about this evasive plant! It went EEEEVEEERRR-EEEE where!!!

Anyway, I digress. I decided that I am going to stop complaining about this mint, and go to work using it. I’ve made tea until I can’t drink anymore, and I already have mint jelly nightmares. So, I decided to try some homemade mint extract. Just like the vanilla extract but with mint leaves instead.


how to make mint extract

I harvested some of this annoying pretty mint, washed it, and pull of the dead leaves.

Slightly chopped to “bruise” leaves to release oils.

Stuffed into a jar, and covered with vodka. (yeah, I always have vodka on hand…really, it’s for extracts and tinctures…honest!)

And, a couple of weeks later, mint extract! Strain the leaves and decant into a smaller bottle and work like a mad woman to find recipes to use this in, besides homemade peppermint patties…

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  1. Jean says

    Have you ever tried peppermint ice cream? Very refreshing!
    I have one of those Cuisinart counter-top ice cream makers and that is my absolute favorite recipe.

    I don’t have peppermint in my garden – I have spearmint instead.
    But I’m going to try this for spearmint extract.

  2. says

    mmmmm….mint! i need to get some from you next week. I found a bottle of that light olive oil that i didn’t realize i still had, it was stuffed way back in the cabinet. I didn’t know you can do mint extract like the vanilla, thanks for sharing that! I will definitely try it. Do you have any idea how long it keeps or if there are medicinal uses for it. I mean real, honest to goodness medicinal uses, not just the-kids-are-driving-me-crazy-i-need-a-dose medicinal (;

    • dolores says

      All the mints are usefull for headaches, nausia, upset stomach, and for cold and flu. The standard brew is a handful of leaves to a cup of boiling water, sweeten with honey. can be taken several times per day.

      Mint leaves rubbed over sore joints will bring ease and comfort. Arthritis and rheumatism sufferes have found much relief in using mint as an external rum as well as a bedtime drink..Steep mint leaves that have been crushed in apple cider vinegar for 24 hours and then use these leaves as a rub.

      Posies of mint hung in the kitchen cupboards and in the pantry will keep them fresh and insect free


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