How to Make Iced Tea with Mint Leaves

A friend of mine cursed blessed us with a mint plant when we moved into our house 8 years ago.

Naïve being that I was, I planted it right into the ground…no pot, no borders, nothing. I thought “oooh… lots of fresh mint”.

mint iced tea post

Yeah. I have since learned that was a mistake. Mint, or yardus interruptus will take over anywhere it can! And, it can be a pain to keep up with.

Already this year, I have several gallons of dried and crushed leaves for tea. So, now that one plant has nearly overtaken my entire yard and I have had to come up with new and exciting ways to use it.

I’ve made mint extract and drank hot tea by the gallon. And since it is warm right now, I really wanted to find a way to use that mint up in a refreshing iced tea. so, here’s how to make iced tea with mint leaves.

Collect Your Leaves

Duh, right? I find that by getting them as early in the morning as possible, they seem to have more flavor.

I cut the plant about 2 inches from the bottom and then shake gently to remove any residents. Then, I carefully remove the leaves and place in a bowl. Rinse off with cold water and shake to dry.

Iced Tea with Mint Leaves Recipe

  1. Bring one gallon of water to a boil.
  2. Add 1 cup of sugar and dissolve in the boiling water.
  3. Turn off heat.
  4. Place 3-4 cups of loosely packed mint leaves in the water.
  5. Allow to steep for 15 minutes.
  6. Pour off the liquid and store in the fridge.
  7. Serve over ice, and add a fresh mint leaf for garnish.

P.S. If someone offers you a mint plant, do yourself a favor and put it in a pot. You’ll thank me for it later…

11 thoughts on “How to Make Iced Tea with Mint Leaves”

  1. Here, I will make you feel better: I am a Master Gardener and I fell for that one too! I put mine in a 4×4 raised bed and have managed to keep it there but I spend half my life pulling mint. Fresh Eggs Daily has several ideas for using mint as part of a recipe for fly repellents but I honestly just throw the whole plant in the nesting boxes and the coop. The hens don’t care, the flies go away, and the whole place smells better.

  2. Rachel @ Grow a Good Life

    I’m growing mint (in a pot) for the first time. I wanted it specifically for tea and I am glad to learn that I can make iced tea with the fresh leaves instead of drying first. Thanks for sharing at Green Thumb Thursday!

  3. Carol Deffry Trimmer

    I also learned the hard way with mint taking over my herb garden. It strangled everything. The only thing that I found that was more aggressive was lemon balm. I’ve abandoned my old herb garden to the lemon balm and have started new….with pots! Thanks for the recipe for mint tea. I look forward to trying it.

    1. Heather Harris

      it’s crazy, isn’t it? My husband refers to it as the “Yankee Kudzu”, since he’s from the South

  4. I like flavored water, I put a couple of mint leaves in some water put it in the fridge to let it chill and then drink. Good and refreshing on a HOT day in the south.

  5. Thanks for this – I needed to know how much fresh mint for a gallon of tea, gonna make mine this evening!

    My mint used to live in pots, but never did very well at all. Now that I have my own land, I finally have them in the ground and I LOVE that they’re taking over! Best part is, they’re absolutely thriving in a location where nothing else will grow (soggy, shady, hard clay)! 😀

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