Grow A Butterfly Garden

Why would you want to grow a butterfly garden?

Butterflies are some of our best pollinators. They, like honeybees, drink nectar from the flowers and as they go from flower to flower, will help pollinate it. They are fun to watch, and a beautiful sight to see in the garden as well.

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How do you attract butterflies to your garden? By planting plants butterflies love. Here are some of my favorites for creating a beautiful butterfly garden. These plants are all heat and drought tolerant, and should thrive in most garden zones.

They can also grow in containers, which means you can attract butterflies to your balcony as well. Some are more hardy in the colder weather, and you will find that they are all pretty low maintenance, which is great for those of us who are busy. I love the beauty of these particular flowers and how they are bright and cheerful.

butterfly on black eyed susan

Echinicea (echinicea purpurea) has pretty purplish flowers, and a lot of medicinal benefits as well.

They are prolific bloomers, and deadheading them is important to keep them going. This is also great for planting in hot or drought prone areas, due it it’s ability to handle those conditions. Just keep the soil well drained for happy plants.

butterfly on black eyed susan

Black Eyed Susans go great next to Echinicea for a “prairie feel”.

Another great heat and drought tolerant plant, this is also a good flowering plant to choose for shadier areas. They are low maintenance and a border of these gorgeous flowers can help ward off deer entering and munching on your produce. No space? No problem! You can also grow Black Eyed Susans in containers on your balcony or front porch.

Another container loving plant, and nearly everyone’s favorite is Zinnia.

They will attract bees, butterflies and birds to add interest and color to your garden and as a bonus, they will also deter deer from snacking. Gorgeous in zones 2-11, they will bloom all summer and into late fall. Just remember to plant these in full sun for the best results.

Anise Hyssop is one of my favorite flowers to grow.

These attract butterflies and hummingbirds with their fragrant flowers and colorful blossoms. Low maintenance and drought resistant, Anise Hyssop is another great choice for those with little space, as they do well in containers. Plant these around your garden for another gorgeous deer deterrent. Delicate and daisy like, aster flowers will help attract butterflies to your yard! The Homesteading Hippy

Need some blooms in late summer and early fall for the butterflies?

Try asters. The aster flower is daisy like, with colors ranging from blue, white, pink or purple. Once established, they can handle it a bit on the chilly side, making it a great late summer/early fall “snack” for butterflies and bees when all other flowers have died off.

Attracting butterflies to your garden is fairly simple and they are so pretty to watch.

These are some of my absolute “must plants” in our garden each year for that reason. We love seeing what species of butterflies we can attract, and it’s so relaxing to watch them. What are some of your favorite butterfly attracting flowers?

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