23 Adorable Black Chicken Breeds To Raise

The goths of chicken breeds come in many forms. Whether they have blindingly shiny black feathers or plump fluffy feathers, there is something very special about black chickens.

black chicken breeds collage

Everybody has their own reasons for raising chickens, some are bred for meat, some for eggs, some for pets, and some for show.

Knowing which breed is suitable for your needs is important. It is equally important to remember, however, that just like people, no two chickens are the same.

I have put together this list of the most adorable black chickens to raise.

Why are Some Chickens Black?

Some people are brown, some are white, some are black, and some are a blend of skin tones. Our color is dictated by genetics. The color of our skin does not make us human. We are human because of our genetic makeup.

In chickens, genetics play a crucial role in determining coloring. Some breeds are melanistic giving them black feathers, black eyes, black skin, black feet, black beaks, and black combs, while having standard colored organs.

Fibromelanosis is an abnormal accumulation of melanin in the tissues of some specific chicken breeds. These breeds are black on the outside and on the inside.

Their combs, wattles, legs, mouths, beaks, eyes, earlobes, bones, meat, muscles, and organs are all solid black.

These chicken breeds are externally all black with black organs inside. They have red blood, but the blood tends to be darker in color.

Externally and Internally Black Chickens

Fibromelanistic chickens are not just completely black on the outside. Internally, their bones, flesh, and organs are all black too.

The one part that is most often asked about is the blood of black chickens. Black chickens have red blood, like all breeds, but their blood is significantly darker making it look more like a dark maroon color.

While some believe the meat and eggs of these birds are said to have mystical powers. The black meat is somewhat of an acquired taste. It is often a pricey dish served only at ultra-classy restaurants.

In many Asian countries, ownership of fibromelanistic chickens is a sign of fortune and great wealth. The price of these chickens makes it clear why ownership would make one appear super-wealthy.

BreedFull Size Bantams All SizesBird SizeEggs Per WeekMeatShowPets
SvarthӧnaFullS2 – 3
Ayam CemaniFullS1 – 2
SilkieBantamS2 – 3
KadaknathFullMed1 – 2
H’mong / UlikbarBantamSmall1 – 2

1. Svarthӧna (Swedish Black)

The Svarthӧna is a rare Swedish breed, that possibly originated in Indonesia and was then transported to Sweden, that is popular throughout the Western world. They are very friendly, hardy birds that can be kept in cooler areas.

They are completely black, with jet-black feathers, eyes, ears, combs, mouths, beaks, legs, wattles, feet, bones, muscles, meat, and organs.

Swedish Black Hens / Svart hona chickens

They are mainly kept for eggs. Their meat is edible, but there is not much meat on the bird and many people are put off by the black meat.

Svarthӧna’s are great 4-H show birds. Unfortunately, the breed is not recognized by the American Poultry Association. They are highly intelligent and easy to train.

ayam cemani chicken

2. Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani is truly a thing of beauty, but it comes at a cost. It is one of the most expensive breeds in the world costing anything from $2500 + per bird.

It is the most recognized black chicken, which is black inside and out. The only part that is not black is the bird’s blood, which is dark red. Their feathers are a shiny, iridescent beetle green-black color.

Originally from Indonesia, they are believed to hold magical powers and bring good luck to their owners.

They are not good layers, laying only 80 eggs per year. They are bred for meat and shows. They are very small, ornamental birds.

a Partridge Silkie hen
a Partridge Silkie hen

3. Silkie

Arguably the cutest chicken breed on the planet – in my opinion – the silkie is a ball of fluff that love kids and affection.

Silkies are ornamental birds that are too small for meat and lay tiny eggs.

Black silkies have black feathers, skin, bones, organs, muscles, and meat with bright blue ears. Some black silkies, oddly, have white or grey feathers but still are classified as fibromelanistically black. They have black skin, meat, organs, and bones.

They do not do well in the cold and if they do get wet you will need to dry them off. Their fluffy plush feathers, which extend all the way to their five toes, get muddy quickly if left out during or after rain. If they do get muddy, they will need a good bath and dry.

kadaknath chicken

4. Kadaknath

Kadaknath chickens are a famous chicken breed that is considered sacred.

They are all black chickens that are bred, primarily for their uniquely flavored meat. While they only produce about 80 eggs per year, their eggs are also exceptionally tasty. The meat and eggs of the Kadaknath chicken are packed with iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

They are also one of the most expensive chicken breeds that will set you back $2500+.

Yug qaib dub ngaij pem toj siab | H'mong chickens are raised in the hills

5. H’mong

The H’mong chicken – also known as Ulikbar – is one of the most fibromelanistic chicken breeds. They are a very dominant breed that is prone to aggression, sometimes even killing other birds in the flock.

The meat of the H-mong chicken is considered to be a delicatessen in Asia, that is believed to have medicinal properties. The meat has a distinct gamey taste. They are also good layers.

All their features internally and externally are a dark blueish-black color.

Externally Black Chickens

Externally black chickens have black feathers; they can have black combs, wattles, eyes, ears, legs, and feet. But they do not necessarily have all-black features externally.

They may have red wattles and combs, yellow legs and feet, yellow beaks, etc. They are often a subset of breeds that can occur in breeds that have other colors.

The genetic makeup that causes a buildup of pigmentation sets them aside from other birds of the same breed. Breeding these birds will result in black chicks.

BreedFull Size Bantams All SizesBird SizeEggs Per WeekMeatShowPets
Fibro Easter EggerBothMed – L4 – 5
Black CochinBothL2 – 3
AustralorpBothL4 – 5
La FlècheBantamS3 – 4
BredaFullL3 – 4
LangshanBothL3 to 4
OrpingtonBothMed – L3 – 5
Jersey GiantBothXL3 – 4
AmeraurcanaBothM4 – 5
Japanese BantamBantamXS1
ValdarnoFullL3 – 4
PekinBantamXS3 – 5

6. Minorca

Black Minorca chickens are exquisitely beautiful birds that are, unfortunately, at risk of becoming extinct.

They are also called Red Faced Black chickens because of their pale red faces. They have glossy greenish-black feathers with bright red combs, faces, and wattles.

Roosters Fighting, Crowing, and Free Ranging, The Black Minorca is my favorite Free Range Breed.

They are ornamental chickens that have a friendly disposition. Their meat is not particularly tasty, but they do produce a good number of eggs.

7. Fibro Easter Egger

The Fibro Easter Egger is a designer chicken that was created by combining two different black chicken breeds.

They are externally black; they have black feathers, skin, beaks, wattles, combs, eyes, and legs.

What sets fibro easter eggers apart is that they produce eggs with a blue shell. They are medium to large birds that are predominantly bred for these lovely eggs, but they are also bred for their meat.

black, splash, and blue cochin flock
black, splash, and blue cochin flock

8. Cochin

Cochins are very sweet, affectionate birds that make great pets for children of all ages. They are very large birds, bred for meat, eggs, shows, and pets.

Their large bodies covered with a mass of fluffy shiny greenish-black feathers make them an exquisite breed.

Black Australorp hen in snow
Black Australorp hen in snow

9. Australorp

The stark contrast between the bright red combs and wattles and the dark shiny feathers, beaks, eyes, and legs makes the Australorp a truly spectacular breed.

They are affectionate pets as they are very calm-natured. They are bred primarily for eggs and as pets, but they can also be good for meat.

La Flèche, Expo Avicole Strasbourg 2017

10. La Flèche

La Flèche chickens are rare birds that are bred for exhibition. They are good layers, but because of their small bodies, they do not produce much meat.

They have shiny black feathers, that exhibit green tinting in the sunlight. What makes the La Flèche chicken remarkable is their comb.

They would fit well within a subset of people in the world who split their tongues and have horns implanted on their foreheads. These chickens’ combs are split in two. The thick lobes formed appear very much like the horns of goats.

Breda Fowls, Kraaikop

11. Breda

Breda chickens are on the global critically endangered list. You can help save this breed!

This remarkable breed has been bred as dual-purpose birds that have very unique features. You can help save the breed by simply breeding more than you eat.

Their posture is very erect and regal. They have no combs at all. Their heads resemble crows’ heads, with large nostrils and a curved beak. Their black feathers extend all the way down their legs up to their feet.

Langshan (Large Fowl)

12. Langshan

Langshan chickens have glossy black feathers, bright red combs and wattles, and dark eyes. Their feathers are soft and fluffy, especially on their butts and upper legs, making it look like they are wearing old-fashioned pantaloons.

They are bred for meat, eggs, show, and as friendly family pets.

Orpington chicken

13. Orpington

Orpingtons are so well feathered that they almost appear to be comically round. They are very affectionate and are a great way to get children interested in caring for and exhibiting their pets at shows.

They have black feathers, beaks, and eyes, with greyish legs. They are bred for meat, eggs, shows, and pets.

Blue and Black Crevecoeur chickens

14. Crèvecœur

Another critically endangered breed is the Crèvecœur. It is so sad that we are losing so many breeds; I beg you to help with the conservation of all of these breeds.

The Crèvecœur is primarily bred for meat, they also are good layers. However, they are stand-out birds at shows. They love being handled and are such great pets you wouldn’t want to eat them.

Crèvecœur chickens are solid black with crests and beards and a V-shaped comb.

Black Jersey Giant: 6-Month-Old Chickens

15. Jersey Giant

The Jersey Giant is an extra-large, dual-purpose bird, with a calm, quiet personality.

The black Jersey Giant is slightly heavier than the white Jersey Giant. They have striking black feathers with a bright red comb, long wattles, and long ear lobes.

Sumatra (Large Fowl)

16. Sumatra

The Sumatra chicken is an ornamental chicken that is bred for exhibition. They are not particularly good layers, have very little edible meat, and do not like being handled.

Their black tail feathers cascade like a waterfall.

Java chickens! What you need to know and should you add them to your homestead

17. Java

Black Java chickens have stunning black feathers that shine green in the light. Their skin is bright yellow. Their eyes are dark, and they have black legs.

They are good layers and are calm birds, and they make good table birds.

Ameraucana hen dustbathing
Ameraucana hen dustbathing

18. Ameraucana

Ameraucana chickens are not very meaty, but they are good layers laying beautiful blue eggs. They are very calm birds.

They have black feathers and slate legs with adorable fuzzy beards and poofy cheeks.

araucana chickens

19. Araucana

Closely related to the Ameraucana, and easily confused with, is the Araucana.

They too lay beautiful blue eggs. They have tufty cheeks with ears that stick out like a mustache.

Black Japanese Bantam Chicken Breed (Breeding Flock) | Cackle Hatchery

20. Japanese Bantam

Japanese bantams are purely ornamental birds that are popular at exhibitions. Their stance is very erect forming a V with the tail cascading behind them.

They have coal-black plumage with bright red combs and wattles.

21. Valdarno

The Valdarno chicken has dark black plumage with a dark green tint. They have black beaks and slate legs.

They produce large, tasty eggs, which is what they are bred for.

Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken Breed (Breeder Flock) | Cackle Hatchery

22. Hamburg

Hamburg chickens are medium-sized birds that are somewhat shy and tend to hide in quiet corners. They are bred for their generous egg production.

They have black plumage with red combs and white ears.

Their feathers make them look exceptionally large, strip away the feathers and you still have a large bird, just not as big as the feathers lead you to believe.

pekin bantam flock

23. Pekin

Pekins are super friendly birds that love being picked up and pampered.

They have an abundance of soft fluffy feathers that are breathtaking. The feathers form a silky heap all the way down their legs and tails.

I sure hope you enjoyed this bite-sized breakdown of these beautiful, and adorable black chicken breeds.

As always, I welcome your feedback, input, and stories of your own experiences, so don’t be shy, hit the comments below and share with us all your goofy chicken stories.


What is special about black chickens?

Aside from their beautiful looks, black chickens also have nutritional benefits as their meat has higher levels of iron, vitamins, and minerals.

These will give your body a boost of energy and aid in your digestive system.

What is the best all-black chicken breed?

The most recognized of all black chicken breeds is the Ayam Cemani.

What causes a chicken breed to be black?

Black chickens have a build-up of dark pigmentation. This is known as melanosis in some breeds and fibro melanosis in all black breeds.

Do black chickens lay black eggs?

No, eggs range from white, to cream, to brown, and even blue according to the specific breed.

Do black chickens have black blood?

No, all chickens have red blood. The blood of a black chicken can be exactly the same shade of red as all chickens, fibromelanistic chicken blood is darker red than other chickens.

It can almost be mistaken as black in some breeds, but it is just dark red, sometimes dark maroon blood.

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