Di-Anne Seebregts

Di-Anne Devenish Seebregts was raised in an environment where daily life consisted of hiking, environmental conservation, growing fruit and vegetables, and raising poultry for meat and eggs. She combined her passion for the writing word with her love of the pride that comes with not relying on others. She raised three children (who are now adults) to value the environment, and understand the value of being self-sufficient.

DIY washing machine in action using a plunger

Off-Grid Washing Machines? Here’s Our Top 7

In a perfect world, with technology from a planet far far away, clothing would be made with self-cleaning material. We could completely negate the need for electricity and water for cleaning our clothes; not to mention the “sit back and relax” factor. Sadly, we aren’t there yet… Our laundry still requires some power source, water, …

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woman in wheelchair adding soil to plant pots

Gardening for the Disabled: Here’s How I Do It

I have been disabled for 18 years following a car wreck. I have major mobility issues, nerve damage, and a pain disorder as a result of the accident. I’ve taught kids with major intellectual and developmental disorders, physical injuries, genetic disorders, and significant brain injuries. I have extensive experience working with kids in a place …

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