24 Beautiful Black Rabbit Breeds

Black animals are some of the most beautiful and striking around. There’s something about them that seems mysterious, strong, and undeniably appealing.

a black rabbit
a black rabbit

Whether it is a stalwart black Labrador, an alluring Abyssinian, or some other pet, you can’t deny that they have a mystique all their own! And the same goes for our rabbits…

But what you might not know is that there are many black rabbit breeds out there. Running the gamut from blacker-than-pitch to smoky, speckled charcoal gray, you’re bound to find your next favorite breed on this list. We’ll get right to it, so read on!


The Rex Rabbit: Breed Overview

Rexes are big rabbits, and beyond this, they’re impressively muscular. This stout physique combined with a very dense coat of fur makes them look downright bulky.

And it’s that fur which lends them to being raised for the same, thanks to its excellent quality and durability…

This practice was far more common in the first half of the 1900s, but today they’re especially beloved by rabbit fans who want an intelligent, burly pet that’s trainable and hardy.

Note that while they don’t need tons of exercise like some other breeds here, they do need some often along with lots of attention – they tend to get destructive otherwise!


Mini Rex Rabbit 101: All You Need To Know

The Mini-Rex, as the name suggests, is a smaller variety of the more common and beefy Rex.

Just like their larger cousins, these bunnies are friendly, intelligent and trainable but due to their smaller size, they tend to be far more active and require more exercise.

Also, interestingly the Mini-Rex is sometimes bred for meat because it grows faster and has a better overall meat to bone ratio compared to the standard Rex.

English Lop

English Lop Rabbit | Big Eared English Lop Bunnies Playing

The English Lop has the distinction of being the very first lop-eared rabbit. But if you’re only familiar with the other, more common breeds you are in for a surprise with these!

The ears of the English Lop are truly huge, with the individual ears on large specimens growing to more than 2 feet long by themselves! They look more like a basset hound than a rabbit sometimes.

Today, they are a proud and distinguished show breed, and make interesting pets thanks to their calm and relaxed personalities. Way back in the day, though, they were reared for their meat and sometimes their fur just like so many other domestic breeds.

French Angora

French Angora Rabbit Breed, by Matt Bishop, ARBA Judge and Breeder

Angora rabbits are universally known for their long, wispy, fluffy fur, and the French Angora is no exception. But the French Angora breed has the distinction of a short-haired face and head, a feature that makes grooming them at least a little bit easier.

As expected, they are an important and popular fur-bearing breed, but they also happen to be really excellent pets and companions.

White is the other predominant color besides black. Truly, you must be prepared for lots of brushing with these guys, or else they will get matted to Kingdom Come!

Alaska Rabbit

Alaska Rabbit 101: Part 1

Hilariously, Alaska rabbits didn’t get their start in that far-flung frontier state. No, instead they are yet another domestic breed originating in Germany.

One of the most gorgeous and alluring there is, the fur of these rabbits is of medium length, satiny, and plush. In fact, black is the only color you’ll find a genuine Alaska rabbit in assuming they haven’t been crossbred.

Also worth noting is that this breed was once nearly extinct, and only due to the vigilant efforts of a handful of breeders and special interest groups has it clawed its way back from passing into history.

Silver Fox

They Were Once Critically Endangered | Silver Fox Rabbits | A Heritage Breed

The Silver Fox is a rabbit that was named after the actual fox with the exact same name, a species that dwells in some of the coldest polar regions on Earth.

And, just like that other animal, Silver Fox rabbits have incredibly beautiful fur that is a lustrous, two-tone gray-black pattern.

Extremely popular on the show circuit these days, you might be surprised to learn that they were originally bred for fur, of course, but also for their meat. You won’t see them used for that purpose too much these days, though.

American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit 101: Part 1

The small American Fuzzy Lop is one of several lop-eared breeds out there, and they are famously fun pets because they are inquisitive, friendly, and love playtime with their owners.

But, they can be a big commitment because they have tons of energy and need lots of interaction. Aside from a nice, medium black color, you can also get fuzzy lops in a wide range of other fur colors including brown, white, and blue.

They are sometimes raised for fur production instead of being kept as pets, something they excel at thanks to the quality and loft of their hair.


Clicker training Lola the Havana rabbit

Another rabbit breed with a deceptive geographical name, the Havana rabbit doesn’t come from Cuba, but actually Holland.

It got its name because of its extremely dark brown fur (sometimes bordering on black) that looks like a resinous, dried tobacco leaf. Hence the association with cigars by way of Havana, a city that is famous for them.

And as you might expect, this luxurious and mysterious fur is loved for its color and also for its quality, as it is said to be chinchilla-like in loft and density.

Today though, you are just as likely to find them in the laps of their owners as a pet or on the competition circuit.

French Lop

Meet the French Lop, the most beautiful rabbit in the world

Another lop-ear breed, this one actually hails from France as the name suggests, French Lops are big, stocky, playful, and friendly with their owners as long as they are raised with plenty of interaction.

Most notably, this is a rabbit that loves to have room to roam, explore, and sometimes keep to itself so not the best pet breed if you don’t have extra space. But if you do, they make a wonderful companion.

These rabbits are also available in several other fur colors besides black.


How to Care for a Black Satin Rabbit : Rabbit Care

Black Satin rabbits are among the most beautiful on our list, and they got their name from the quality of their fur. It is beguilingly shiny, soft, and glossy, and when the sunlight hits them just right it is a sight you will not forget!

Originally developed from breeding “accident” involving Havana rabbits, despite their incredible good looks they were originally kept around as a dual-use breed for the production of meat and fur.

Only fairly recently have they become the darlings of rabbit shows and competitions among fanciers.

Mini Satin

Mini Satin Rabbit || mini satin rabbit temperament || mini satin rabbit personality

Everything you love about the standard Satin rabbit, now just in a smaller package. Like I said above, everything you need to know about some rabbits is in the name!

Although they possess the same lustrous fur which makes the Satin so legendary, the Mini-Satin was developed strictly as a pet in the 1970s.

And like so many breeds that are created as companion animals, you can get them in virtually every color of the rainbow: besides black, fawn and gray are some of the most common and popular.

English Angora

English Angora Rabbit Care

Arguably the king of the Angora breeds, the English Angora has unbelievably long and dense wool-like hair. And unlike most other rabbits this makes them uniquely suited for the production of yarn and other similar textiles.

Many English Angora rabbits enjoy a long life having their wool harmlessly harvested over and over after it grows to an adequate length. But even if you don’t care about that, you’ll find that they are affectionate, friendly, and generally personable as pets.

Know, though, that the maintenance requirements for dealing with such a fancy coat are quite intensive. I hope you like brushing!

New Zealand

Breeding Rabbits, Buck squeals! New Zealand Black & New Zealand White

A breed that is the most famous for its unrivaled superiority in meat production, New Zealands are known for extraordinarily quick growth and a very large size. In as little as 8 weeks, they can clear 14 pounds!

This unbelievable growth rate obviously lends them to their typical purpose, and they’re also commonly employed for animal testing, sadly.

You’re just as likely to find other colors of New Zealand rabbits as you are black ones, and many combinations and different patterns are possible including a striking red-black mixture.


What Is a Lionhead Rabbit? | Small Pets

With rabbits, sometimes everything you need to know about them is right in the name, and that’s definitely the case with the Lionhead.

These gorgeous, glossy black rabbits have a distinctive fringe of hair that surrounds their head, making them look very much like a miniature male lion. Well, except for the long ears of course!

And as you’d expect, these handsome manes will need plenty of extra attention during grooming time if you want to keep them from turning into a tangled mess.


Polish Rabbit - Breed Standard

One of the tiniest, if not the single tiniest, breed on our list is the spunky, cute Polish rabbit.

Quick, twitchy, and with adorable dagger-like ears, they are naturally very popular pets, especially with folks who live in apartments or other places where space is at a premium.

However, much like Chihuahuas, they tend to be erratic and nervous unless they are raised carefully by a patient and calm owner.

They also love lots of exercise, so be ready to let them out for running laps and playtime! If black isn’t your thing, you can also get them in white, blue, or dark brown.


Beveren Rabbit 101: Part 1

Another extremely old and rare heritage breed, Beverens are a dual-purpose rabbit kept for both meat and fur production. Or at least they were originally: Today they are a subject of conservation efforts and also a favorite of true rabbit connoisseurs.

Of large build with a dense, glossy black coat they make surprisingly good pets and are both curious and affectionate, and also stubborn, a combination which will make them the darlings of their owners.

Most notably, these rabbits do not tolerate confinement very well at all, and need plenty of room dedicated to them or preferably an outdoor space.

Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly Rabbits by Amber Henderson

Another tiny breed, and one of the coolest and cutest on our list, the Jersey Wooly has a coat that is more like a sheep’s than a typical rabbit’s!

Amazingly, this wooly, wiry coat doesn’t get tangled up compared to other long hair breeds. This makes keeping them brushed and cared for a snap.

As befitting such an interesting rabbit, Jersey Woolies are strictly pets or show animals, though there are just a couple of operations out there raising them for their unique fur.

Black is common and extremely popular, but there are several other colors and patterns available, including a broken black-and-white that is particularly striking.

Satin Angora

Satin Angoras are some of the most beautiful and appealing rabbits around. They have the long hair typical of all Angora rabbits with the shiny, glossy texture found on Satins’ fur.

This combination is absolutely gorgeous, and makes them extremely popular as pets and show animals.

But, as expected, they’re also a mainstay of the fur industry. If you want them as a pet rabbit only, they are still a fine choice: Aside from being wonderful to pet, they are patient, friendly, and sweet-natured.

The downside is that caring for that coat is going to eat up a lot of time!

Mini Lop

How To Take Care Of A Mini Lop Rabbit

The tiny Mini Lop is the ounce-for-ounce champion when it comes to sheer cuteness. With babyish, round heads, large eyes and unbelievably cute, tiny, floppy ears, the Mini Lop is basically a stuffed animal come to life.

If you want a pet, and you don’t want to spend too much time running around chasing it, the Mini Lop is perfect because they are known for being pretty laid back. Many owners described them as downright lazy!

Aside from the expected black coat, you’ll also find them in various shades of tan, buff, gray, and others.

Netherland Dwarf

Why did I get a Netherland Dwarf?? - My ridiculous rabbit project

One of the smallest rabbit breeds in the entire world, the Netherland Dwarf will rarely, if ever, weigh more than just 2 ½ pounds.

Tiny, cute, and for all practical purposes basically a baby bunny for their entire life, they are surprising athletes they need lots of activity to prevent boredom.

Because they’re so small, they are also known escape artists that can pop right between the bars and wires of many common cages and enclosures. Their bodies tend to be much smaller than the outline of their fur suggests, so watch out for that!

Netherland Dwarfs also come in tan, white, gray, and various broken patterns aside from just black.

Belgian Hare

Belgian hare Binkying ~ DG’s Hops & Lops Rabbitry

The Belgian Hare is a unique rabbit. And yes, it’s actually a rabbit, not a true hare, although its build and disposition really do have the appearance of one.

Tall, lanky, and built for speed, these bunnies are incredibly nimble. They’re among the most striking breeds on this list thanks to their close-cropped, shiny black coats.

Despite their somewhat imposing, upright appearance, they tend to be engaged, alert and friendly with people as long as they are raised properly.

Holland Lop

Holland Lop Behavior: The Truth About Holland Lop Rabbits!

Small, pudgy, and with the floppy ears characteristic of all lop ear breeds, the Holland Lop is distinguished from other lops since it was bred from French Lop.

It was also created with the express purpose of being a pet and show rabbit. Rarely weighing more than 4 pounds and known to be extremely friendly, it’s hard to do better than a Holland Lop if you want a sweet, cuddly bunny to spend your days with.

Black is a popular color, but you can also get them in white, gray, and various broken patterns. Broken black is one of my favorites!

Britannia Petite

Britannia Petite Rabbit 101: Part 1

A genuinely tiny and slender breed, the Britannia Petite has earned the name and is even smaller than the Netherlands Dwarf above.

Get this: these rabbits barely break the two-pound mark! Naturally, because they are incredibly small they are really only kept as pets or as rabbits for competition and show circuits.

But like many munchkin bunnies, these little things have seemingly inexhaustible energy, and they require tons of exercise.

Note that while they are available in black, it isn’t the most common color. You’re far more likely to find them in various broken patterns than solid black, but they are out there!

Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant Rabbit | Gentle Giants

One of the oldest heritage breeds and also one of the most immense. Flemish Giant rabbits can tip the scales at an astonishing 20 pounds or more, making them bigger than many smaller dog breeds!

As you might expect from such large bunnies, they were originally utility rabbits raised for meat and fur, but despite their immense size, they are gentle, friendly, and patient. This makes them popular, if expensive, pets; you’ll spend a fortune feeding them!

If kept for utility purposes, they produce very high yields, but this is offset by their slow growth.

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