How Many Water Bottles Are in a Gallon?

Water on the go is important to everyone consequently water bottles are on sale everywhere, in local stores, supermarkets and vending machines. Most of us understand the importance of keeping hydrated.

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To stay fit and healthy it is essential to drink half of a gallon of water every day. We need to ask ourselves; how many bottles are there in a gallon?

In the U.S. a gallon of water has 128 fluid ounces. So, if the water bottle contains 16 fluid ounces, 8 of these bottles will contain a gallon There are 8 water bottles in a gallon.

Another popular size is 12 fluid ounces; there would be 12.6 bottles of this size in a gallon. The most popular size in the U.S. is 16.9 fluid ounces. A total of 7.57 of these bottles would fit into a gallon bottle.

What if the Bottle Does Not Contain 16 Fluid Ounces?

There are several different sized bottles available to buy.

The amount of water in each bottle will be different, consequently the number of bottles in a gallon will be different for each one. What do we understand by a gallon? The answer is not straightforward…

We are able to quantify the amount of water that is in a gallon, as 128 fluid ounces. We are able to quantify the amount of water in the bottle by reading the label. To find the number of bottles we employ a simple formula.

Fluid ounces in a gallon ÷ fluid ounces in bottle = bottles in a gallon.

Using the above formula, we have:

  • 16 × 8 oz bottles equate to 1 gallon
  • 8 × 16 oz bottles equate to 1 gallon
  • 4.9 × 26 oz bottles equate to 1 gallon
  • 4 × 32 oz bottles equate to 1 gallon

Calculating the different sizes to find the result it can be seen that it does not always work out to an exact number. This is a little surprising, as it would be reasonable to expect that bottle size would be a portion of a gallon.

This is possibly due to liter system of measurement being widely accepted by many countries affecting the size of water bottles due to standardization.

So, to answer the question of how many water bottles are in a gallon, we have to establish two factors:

  • How much water is in a gallon
  • How much water is in the bottle

Measurements of liquids can be seen in several formats. They may be expressed in millilitres, fluid ounces, and litres.

To ensure that the question can be answered easily, we should choose one standard measurement. I’ve used fluid ounces, but the result would be the same whichever measure we adopted.

With the measure established a simple formula can be used to find the answer.

Fluid ounces in a gallon ÷ by fluid ounces in bottle = bottles in a gallon

With this formula it is possible to calculate the quantity of any sized bottles of water in a gallon.

What is the Definition of a Gallon?

We need to be sure what definition of a gallon we are using to be able to answer the question accurately. There are actually three measures that are called gallons, but are they all the same?

Imperial Gallon

The imperial gallon is a measurement of volume that is used in certain countries of the world. The imperial gallon equates to 154 fluid ounces. To avoid confusion this gallon is generally referred to as the Imperial Gallon.

Liquid Gallon

The US Liquid Gallon is the predominant gallon measure used in the United States and is simply called a gallon. The US liquid gallon contains 128 fluid ounces.

Dry Gallon

The Dry Gallon in the US equates to 149 fluid ounces, however.

This measure dating back to the colonial days is rarely used for anything and historically was used to measure a volume of grain certainly not water.

What gallon measure are we using?

The answer to the question would be different for each gallon measure. It is important to decide which measurement we are intending to employ.

We are discussing the United States it would, therefore be best to utilize the predominant standard measurement that is used here.

If we buy gas at a gas station, we need not ask what gallon? We can assume that it is the U S Liquid Gallon.

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