Magnesium Lotion To Help Soothe Skin and Naturally Supplement

Dealing with a magnesium deficiency can be hard… but you can help supplement this vital nutrient with homemade magnesium lotion.

Do you have low magnesium symptoms? Would you know if you have a magnesium deficiency? Low magnesium symptoms can be:

  • being restless
  • having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • experiencing fibromyalgia pain, which can be in the form of sore joints, achy knees, and stiff shoulders.
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All of those magnesium deficiency symptoms were right up my alley. I had them. Big time.

I had about 9 months where I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Losing sleep is unusual for me, and even more so by the fact that I don’t have a toddler or baby to keep me awake.

Stress, not eating a proper diet, and lack of exercise were playing a role in my declining health. I was getting somewhat frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t sleeping well.

I do drink 3-4 cups of coffee daily, and that can lead to a magnesium deficiency. Not to mention having a more caffeine vicious cycle.

Lack of sleep makes you drowsy, which can make you turn to more caffeine and sugar to stay awake. Both caffeine and sugar are thought to contribute to magnesium deficiency.

I went to the doctor to have my magnesium levels checked.

Not one to always turn first to modern medicine, I had tried everything I knew myself. It was no surprise that my magnesium levels were way below normal, and the doctor suggested magnesium supplements. But how?

I am not a big “pill” fan, even of vitamins. I don’t like swallowing them. Yeah, that’s the 6-year-old in me coming out. A magnesium supplement shouldn’t be hard to take, right?

That’s where this magnesium lotion comes in. It’s a great way to get magnesium into your body through the skin. Since what we place on the skin is absorbed in 26 seconds, the magnesium can make its way into your bloodstream without a pill.

(Is this the best way to supplement magnesium? I am not a doctor, nor do I play on one TV, so I can’t say for sure this will work for you. I just know it has helped me. The lotion still feels good on the skin and it won’t hurt you. Ask your doctor to be sure what magnesium supplement is right for you!)

    To make this magnesium balm recipe, you’ll need:

    • 1 Cup Double Strength Magnesium Oil made with magnesium flakes (see below)
    • 4 T. Coconut Oil
    • 6 T. Shea Butter
    • 4 T Bees Wax
    • 5 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
    • 5 Drops Clove Essential Oil

    Make Double Strength Magnesium Oil

    To make Double Strength Magnesium Oil bring one cup of distilled water to a boil in a small saucepan. Then add 2 cups of Magnesium Flakes Stir until the magnesium flakes have dissolved. Now you have your Magnesium oil.

    Turn the heat down to low, add all of the other ingredients, and stir until everything dissolves into a liquid. It’s going to be somewhat on the thick side as you are working with it.

    Remove from the stove to let cool.

    Combine the ingredients

    Next, whip the magnesium oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax in a saucepan with a stick blender or hand mixer until well blended into a thick consistency.

    I did this right in the glass measuring jar, and this step took about 8 seconds to do. The texture of it reminded me of “trace” when making homemade soap, like the texture of thick vanilla pudding.

    Add the essential oils and stir in completely.

    How to Store Magnesium Oil

    Store homemade magnesium oil in an airtight container. This recipe makes about 2 cups of lotion and keeps for about 6 months.

    My daughter and I use this every single night, and during our cycles, it has helped us decrease cramps quite a bit. We simply scoop approximately a tablespoon out of our jar and rub it into the soles of our feet, or on our tummies at bedtime.

    I am in love with this lotion, and I truly feel it has helped me…

    Adding magnesium-rich foods like eggs, raw whole milk, pastured chicken, and soaked almonds has also helped.

    A better diet and revving up the exercise routine have given me more energy and helped me fall asleep and stay asleep at night. I have also reduced the amount of gluten in my diet to help alleviate symptoms.

    What’s your favorite way to make sure you are getting enough magnesium? Will you try this lotion?

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    41 thoughts on “Magnesium Lotion To Help Soothe Skin and Naturally Supplement”

      1. Hmmmm…You can try using less beeswax. But, either way, it should still be good. The hard bar WILL melt on your skin like a hard lotion bar as you use it.

      2. Use emulsifying wax. The only place I could find it was on Amazon. I check a lot of whole food markets and they only had beeswax. I use shea butter, coconut oil, the wax and the magnesium flakes in mine. It comes out like “butta”. Hope this helps.

      1. Sarah Wordsworth

        Yes, they are different. Magnesium flakes are actually Magnesium Chloride flakes. Epsom salts are Magnesium Sulfate.

    1. hi, i tried making this, and wondering if it is suppost to be watery or not. it seems like the magnesium oil seperated… does that blend back in when whipped together or should it be poured off??

    2. Heather Harris

      It’s already there…just click on the “magnesium flakes (you can get them here)” and you should be taken to the link.

      1. Hmmmm….I honestly am not sure about that. Since both clove and cinnamon are “hot” oils, I don’t generally use the unless they are in a carrier of fat or oil. Epsom salts may not dispurse them enough to keep from getting into sensitive areas.

      2. Definitely Do Not put clove or cinnamon oil in a hot bath, it will burn incredibly bad! I did this by mistake, I added cinnamon essential oil to my bath instead of frankense and it was terrible ? ?

    3. There is a mistake in the magnesium oil recipe! It doesn’t say how many cups of water. I did 2 C magnesium flakes to 1 C water. I did everything per directions and this did not turn out. After everything cooled the oil separated from the butter mixture. I literally was able to pour 1 C of mag oil back into a measuring cup. I then took a hand mixer and started blending the butters and adding the magnesium oil back in slowly and even though it blended back in the magnesium oil is separating once again. I’ve tried to make magnesium lotion twice now using different recipes and both have failed. May I just say i cook and bake all the time and I can follow a recipe! I will be buying the Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion off of Amazon and adding my essential oils to that from now on.

      1. Heather Harris

        I am sorry this didn’t work out for you. I make this all the time and haven’t had any issues myself, so I am not sure what has happened to yours.

        1. Colleen Panebianco

          Took awhile to blend as it is very thick but keep blending until no oil is resting on top. Love this blend. Did half the recipe and got 6 2oz jars plus a little extra for sample jar.

    4. Quick question: the recipe to make the magnesium oil says to blend the mag flakes with distilled water. And Voila’ magnesium oil. Where’s the oil? Wouldn’t this just be a dilution?
      Thanks for answering a silly question!

      1. not silly at all. The flakes are dehydrated oil in consistency. 🙂 so, adding water gives you an oil like infusion.

      2. Did this sting anyone else? After making it it seemed to sting any cuts in my hands. Worry now about rubbing it in my childrens feet.

    5. Hi, I was wondering if using to help for pain do you rub over areas needed to relieve pain? And sleep over feet? 🙂 sounds amazing can’t wait to try thank you

      1. Heather Harris

        you can try to use it all over for pain, but be sure to see a doc if the pain persists more than 24 hours

    6. Hi Heather! I have suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome for several years. I have been on one medication or another. Just recently, I have started looking at alternative options. I have read many articles and papers from medical facilities on magnesium and the benefits for RLS. In addition, the benefits of essential oils. In your recipe, could hemp oil be substituted for coconut oil? Also, eucalyptus, lavender, turmeric, frankincense, and chamomile seem to repeatedly be suggested. I don’t have a clue about how or if these oils can all be added to your cream or if some don’t work together. There doesn’t seem to be any posts with this blend. Any help would be appreciated.

    7. Nancy Van Deusen

      Mine came out OK but after a few days the magnesium oil separated from the waxes. I am still using it but it is very messy. Any ideas?

    8. I have made magnesium lotions using other recipes and they turned out great. Thought I would try this one and I am very disappointed. After only one day the water separated and it’s a mess! Trying to blend it back together but it doesn’t want to blend well. Concerned that even if I get it blended it will end up separated again. I use only the best ingredients and am an avid baker, cook and maker of natural products so it’s not a lack of ability.

    9. Is there amount of this that you recommend each time you use? I have seen 1-2 teaspoons… could that be right?

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