Mason Jar Make Ahead Meals-Meals In A Jar

Are you ready for recipes to make some mason jar make-ahead meals? Get over 30 recipes to get you started on stocking your pantry or for great gifts!

Getting your food storage pantry stocked with delicious, easy to prepare foods will make busy nights much easier.

meal in a jar recipes

Just heat and eat is the key here. With all the easy to prepare foods you can make, it’s a great way to add healthy, quick prepared foods to your pantry.

Meals, drinks, and desserts in jars are also a great way to get prepared for camping, hiking, or other outings without spending a lot of money.

This is a great way to take dry foods bought in bulk and create something delicious for later use. What you are doing essentially, is creating your own groceries!

Skip the boxed Hamburger Helper, or bagged cookie mix and go for something more healthy where YOU control the ingredients!

How about gifts in a jar ideas for a neighbor, teacher, or friend? Healthy cookie mixes or drink mixes are always welcomed!

How about for that new mom or bride? Send along a meal in a jar with a new kitchen towel and wooden spoon for a perfect present!

Most of the jars should be vacuumed sealed, to ensure more air is taken out and storage shelf life is longer.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can get one here from my affiliate partner. OR, you can seal them in the jar and rotate within 2-3 months.

You can also store them in Ziploc baggies, but be sure to get as much air out of the bag and use within 2 months. So, are you ready for some recipes to make some mason jar make ahead

Breakfast In A Jar Recipes

Soup In A Jar Recipes

Cookie In A Jar Recipes

Drinks In A Jar Recipes

Bread In A Jar Recipes

Seasonings In A Jar Recipes

Try a few of these Mason jar make-ahead meals, and be sure to pin this for later.

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  1. Thank you for providing these recipes in a jar. I had done this for my family but, since the they have grown up gone out for themselves, just left myself to take care of i have just fell out of it. Now I am wanting to get back into it. But had forgotten most of my recipes. Yours will be a good beginning. It was so easy to just come home from work and grab a jar thirty minutes to an hour later dinner was ready. Or the slow cooker would have an excellent meal from being prepared in the morning from the freezer and the jar. Now to start working on filling the jars. 🙂

  2. I can’t seem to get the “ canning milk” page to open, not sure if the link is broken or what is wrong. Always takes me to the home page again. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hello there.
    Just started to get back into “prepping “. I’m technically challenged and am unable to printout your recipes. Do you or will you be putting out a paper and ink version? I would like to see it in my bookstore. Thanks

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