The 15 Most Expensive Chicken Breeds You Can’t Afford

If you are deciding on a breed for your homestead, you will need to do more than just look at the looks, purpose, and nature. You will also need to look at the price tag.

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The most expensive chicken breeds may not be the right chickens for your needs – even if you are filthy rich.

Chicken purposes fall into 4 categories: meat, eggs, show, and repopulation of endangered breeds.

All the purposes impact the price of the chicken. Rare to endangered breeds are often the most expensive, primarily to sell to serious breeders who are not planning on raising them for meat.

Remember that if you plan on breeding, it is best to buy mature hens and roosters to be sure that mating can occur.

Let us take a look at the most expensive breeds starting at the cheapest and going down to the most expensive.

BreedEggsMeatShowDistinguishing CharacteristicsPrice
1. OrustBlack, white, or mottled plumage$60+
2. Swedish Black Chicken– Friendly
– Black skin
– Black legs
– Black beak
– Black meat
$60 – $70
3. Giant Brahma Chicken– Strong, feathered feet
– Tight, plush feathers
– Pea comb
– Very large breed
– Broad head with skull showing over their eyes
– Great pets
4. Barnavelda Chicken– Single comb
– Red earlobe
– Upright stance
– Broad breast
– Short wings
– Great pets for the kids
5. Pavlovsky Chicken– Roosters grow quickly
– Great mothers
– 90% hatchability
– Affectionate
– Do well in cold weather
– Diverse colors
6. Onagadori Chicken– Black feathers with red tips
– Long tails
– Friendly natured
7. Malaysian Serama Chicken– Upright posture
– Full breast
– Vertical tail feathers
– Vertical wings that almost touch the ground
$50 – $100
8. Sundheim Chicken– Black and white plumage
– Horizontal abdomen
9. Liege Fighter Chicken– AdaptableBred for fighting
– Very large
– Very large feet
– Prominent brow
$100 – $150
10. Deathlayer Chicken– Excellent egg layers
– Great for backyard
– Get along with other breeds
– Small birds
– Like to roost in trees
– Regal stance
$100 chick
11. Olandsk Dwarf Chicken– Tolerate cold well
– Feathers are red, black, white, and gray
– Like to forage
– Are social within their flock
12. Sussex Chicken– Long, broad, flat back
– Wide shoulders
– Long, straight breastbone
– Rectangular body
13. Kadaknath Chicken– Black skin
– Black legs
– Black beak
– Black meat
– Black plumage
– Black eyes
– Black blood
$2500 pair
14. Dong Tao Chicken– Massive legs
– High body weight
– Calm temperament
$2500 pair$1250 adult
15. Ayam Cemani Chicken– Believed to have magic blood in Java
– Black skin
– Black legs
– Black beak
– Black meat
– Black plumage
– Black eyes
– Black blood
– Black comb
– Black organs
– Black bones

1. Orust Chicken

Orust chickens are a docile, handsome breed. They are great free-range chickens. Orust chickens are a rare breed from Sweden.

Finding a couple to breed with is not an easy road. They are an endangered species on the brink of extinction. Their rarity is what makes them an expensive breed.

An Orust chicken can cost $60+. Be kind, and breed like crazy for the sake of rescuing this beautiful breed rather than for meat on the table.

2. Swedish Black Hen (Svart Hona)

The Swedish Black chicken is a remarkable black bird. The black coloring is the result of a genetic mutation called fibromelanosis which makes the body produce too many dark pigments.

The pricing is high because of the bird’s color, the bird’s resilience and adaptability to weather, and because of its rarity.

A Swedish black will cost you $60 to $70.

Biggest rooster in the world - MASSIVE Brahma ROOSTER CHICKEN (GIANT CHICKEN)

3. Giant Brahma Chicken

As the name implies, Brahma chickens are giants. They are considered to be amongst the top percentile for meat poultry.

They are friendly, docile, and versatile birds who grow, on average, to 30 inches tall; and can weigh 8 to 14 pounds.

Their handsome looks, beautiful plumage, and ability to do well in shows, as pets, as egg layers, and for meat, all contribute to their price of $75 per bird.

Barnevelder Chicken Breed (Breeder Flock) | Cackle Hatchery

4. Barnavelda Chicken

While Barnavelda chickens are not rare, finding them can be a task as they are not a common breed. They are excellent dual-purpose birds. They are sweet-natured, docile birds that are great for beginners.

They are good layers and will deliver a reasonably good size carcass. They lay dark brown eggs all year round. The Barnavelda is a great free-range chicken, they do not like to be penned.

A Barnavelda will cost you $75 per bird.

Pavlovski pavlovskaya Chicken

5. Pavlovsky Chicken

The Pavlovsky chicken is possibly the most attractive chicken breed. They are bred more for their stunning decorative qualities than for meat or eggs.

They are very cold-tolerant, mostly ornamental birds.

They are also endangered, mainly because of their poor egg production.

Because they are rare, they will cost you $86 per bird.

6. Onagadori Chicken

The Japanese, ornamental Onagadori chicken is currently on the endangered breed list. Breeding is highly recommended. They are great members of your family as they are extremely friendly birds.

Its strikingly long tail and gorgeous colors were once a symbol of wealth in Japan. They are not good layers and do not have enough meat yield to justify breeding for meat.

These ornamental birds cost $90 each.


7. Malaysian Serama Chicken

Serama chickens are quite literally a tiny handful. They are very friendly and bond well with adults and children alike.

Breeding can be problematic as some birds are infertile and they lay fewer eggs than many other breeds.

They need extra care, because of their size, to keep them warm at night and in the day in colder regions.

The erect posture, protruding chests, upright tails, and high-held heads make them proud competitors at shows.

Their colors, stature, and friendly natures make them a little pricier at $70 to $100 each.

sundheim chicken

8. Sundheim Chicken

Sundheimer chickens originate from Germany. They are excellent dual-purpose birds. They are, however, a highly endangered breed.

They are sweet-natured, easy-to-handle birds that are good layers. They prefer to be free-range as they are great foragers.

Because Sundheim chickens are popular for their egg-laying and meat production, and because of their endangered ranking, a Sunheim chicken will cost you $100.

Chicken breed (rare) from EU Belgium - Luikse Vechter, Combattant Liègois, Belgian game.

9. Liege Fighter (Luikse Vechter) Chicken

Liege fighters are friendly to their handlers, but aggressive toward predators. They weigh in at +/- 12 pounds with most of their weight being pure muscle. Their feet are larger than many breeds, and they have gorgeous, colorful feathers.

These Belgian chickens were (and sadly still are) used for chicken fighting for their tenacity competing in chicken fighting.

A Liege Fighter will set you back $100 to $150 per bird.

Gold Deathlayer│Greenfire Farms

10. Deathlayer (Totleger) Chicken

Its plumage radiates purple, black, and green but is predominantly white and speckled. They are docile, low-maintenance birds but are anxious meaning they require more attention if you want to be friends with a Deathlayer.

Their docile nature makes them ideal backyard chickens that are great for beginners.

Because of their stunning appearance, the chicks sell for $100 each.

olandsk dwarf chicken

11. Olandsk Dwarf Chicken (True Bantams)

Olandsk Dwarf chickens are listed as endangered birds, originally from Sweden. They are very hard to find, but if you are dedicated to conservation, please consider breeding to save the breed. They may be small, but their personalities are huge!

They are easy to handle, friendly birds.

They have been bred to be true bantams, i.e., they were not engineered to be small, they bred themselves to be that way.

Their price is due to the rareness of the bird, their small size, and their great personalities.

You can expect to pay $100 for a chick.

sussex rooster

12. Sussex Chicken

Sussex chickens are sought after because they are dual-purpose birds and because they lay many eggs through winter; you will have eggs all year round. Hens weigh in at roughly 7 pounds, and roosters weigh roughly 9 pounds. This is what makes them more expensive than your pavement special.

They are very low-maintenance, docile birds that are great for beginners. They are excellent in small flocks, making them popular backyard chickens.

Because of their size, you may consider keeping your flock small.

The plush, plump plumage makes for a beautiful addition to your chicken coop.

They will cost you $115.

kadaknath chicken

13. Kadaknath Chicken

The Kadaknath is also known as Kali Masi. They are a rare breed from India whose plumage, eyes, meat, and blood are all black. They have a lot of iron and protein in the meat and eggs, making them a very healthy choice.

What makes the Kadaknath an expensive breed, aside from the eyeful of the blackest black, is that they take longer than other chickens to raise. They only really start to mature when they are 6 months old; at that age they will weigh in at +/- 3.30 pounds.

The Kadaknath chicken also has a very low fertility rate, making it harder to breed with. The eggs are lower than other breeds in cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triacylglycerol, making it a comparatively healthy option for consumption.

A Kadaknath chicken will set you back a whopping $2500 per pair.

Dong Tao Chickens | Dragon Legged Chickens

14. Dong Tao Chicken

The Dong Tao chicken breed is one I have to sit back and say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I say they have huge feet, I am not exaggerating. Their legs are the thickest of all other chicken breeds.

The Dong Tao chicken is from Vietnam where they are greatly valued as a delicacy. They were originally bred exclusively for royalty. Today, they are also pricy enough that only the richest of the rich can afford their distinctive tasty meat. Their feet are so big it is hard for them to lay eggs and larger still to sit on their eggs to hatch them; they lay only 60 eggs a year. If you do decide that this breed is for you, invest in an incubator.

They are sensitive to cold weather and will need extra heat in cold areas or in winter. Any change in the climate affects their egg-laying.

They are docile and friendly birds. The quality of their meat is a major contributing factor in the cost of this breed. They are also a very rare breed, pushing the price up further.

You will have to pay $2500 per pair – $1250 for a single bird.

ayam cemani chicken

15. Ayam Cemani Chicken

The Ayam Cemani chicken is also a jet-black breed with black skin, feathers, and black meat from Java, Indonesia. They are not good egg layers; they lay only 80 large eggs per year. They can go months without laying any eggs.

They are very docile and easy-to-handle birds, with a very friendly disposition.

This breed is truly unique as its beak, tongue, feathers, comb, toes, and bones are all black. The black color id the result of a genetic, rare disease called fibromatosis.

They are sought after because of their looks, because they are thought of as good luck charms with special powers to communicate with spirits and heal the mind, body, and soul in Indonesia. These chickens are considered to have spiritual healing properties and are in demand globally. They are used in traditional medicines in many Asian countries.

If you are lucky enough to afford a breeding pair, their low maintenance makes them great for beginners. They do best in warmer climates, however, they are also okay with reasonably cold weather. For this reason, they should be given a decent chicken coop with shelter from the sun and a place to escape cold wind and colder temperatures.

An adult breeding pair will cost you $5000.

Other Costly, Interesting Chickens

BreedEggsMeatShowDistinguishing CharacteristicsPrice
Bresse chickens. Bresse chickens originate from France; they are bred for the unique taste of their meat but are good layers with stunning fluffy plumage.– Bright red comb
– Compact bodies
– Steel tint on legs
– White, black, blue, or gray feathers
Booted Bantams. Booted bantams are named for the generous feathers on their feet; they are docile, friendly pets and egg layers.– Plenty of feathers on their feet and shanks
– Vulture hocks
– Long, stiff downward-pointing feathers on their backs and thighs
Padovana Chickens. There are 2 types of Padovana chickens: those who are having a bad hair day and those who are salon fresh. They have an abundance of adorable feathers cresting their heads. They are calm, popular show birds.– Males have a long, curved crest
– Females have a shorter, round crest
Ayam Ketawa Chicken. The Ayam Ketawa are bred for their cutest feature only; they are also known as “the Laughing Chicken”, this is because when the rooster crows it sounds exactly like a person laughing.The rooster’s crow sounds like a person laughing$50
Chinese Silkies. Chinese Silky chickens are sweet and adorable. They are great companions and pets who are super broody and will happily adopt any eggs it finds unattended regardless of whether they are a different breed, turkey, geese, or ducks.– 5 toes on each foot
– Crested head
– Bearded
– Muffed
– Blueish black beak
– Black eyes
– Small wattles
– Small wattles
– Cushion combs
– Ashen blue legs
– Very broody
Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is an incredible bird that is friendly and loyal to a T; they are fantastic pets and great for beginners.– Excellent pets
– Blue lace on edges of red feathers
$30 – $40 chick
Aruacana Chicken. Aruacana chickens are particularly known and sought after for their pretty, blue eggs.– Have no tail
– Have no tailbone
– Pea comb
– No wattles
– Thick facial feathers
– Small crest on head
– Eggs are blue, gray, violet, turquoise, and green
$25 – $35 chick

Get These Chickens, and Show Off!

The fact of the matter is that all chickens have unique pros and cons. Before you invest, make sure the breed you choose matches your needs, skills, facilities, and, of course, your wallet.

I always promote breeding to aid the breed whenever possible. Be aware that sometimes cheaper birds are also flagged as being at risk or endangered. Be part of the solution, please.

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