So, What Is A Group Of Cows Called?

Have you ever looked at a big group of cows and wondered what they are called?

Every animal species on earth pretty much has a special name or term for a gathering. Birds have flocks. Dogs run in packs. Fish travel in schools. Insects travel in swarms.

Texas longhorn cattle
Texas longhorn cattle

How about cows? What is a group of cows called?

A group of cows is called a herd. Technically, anytime you have more than one cow and they’re together in a group, it’s called a herd. Cows, collectively, are referred to as cattle.

That certainly makes sense, and these are terms that are already familiar to most of us. Lots of animals come in herds, so this is one of the more generic terms for a group of any animals, including cows.

But there’s more you’ll probably want to know about cattle terminology, so keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it.

What is the Collective Name for Cows?

The collective name for cows, and specifically for domestic cows, is cattle. If you are referring to all of your cows together, even if they aren’t all in a group, you will refer to your cattle.

Similarly, you’ve probably heard the terms “cattle farmer” or “cattle rancher” used in the same context for that reason.

Is a Pair of Cows Still a Herd?

Technically, though this is rarely used. Whenever you have more than one cow together in a group, or in this case even in a pair, you can refer to it as a herd.

Generally, though, the term herd is reserved for at least several cows. Instead, you could say you a have a pair of cows, or a duo if you wanted to be fancy!

What is a Group of Bulls Called?

Male cows are called bulls, but a group of bulls alone is still referred to as a herd. There is no special term referring to a guys-only group of male cows.

What is a Group of Heifers Called?

A group of heifers is just called a herd, the same as any other group of cows of either sex, males or females.

There is no unique term for a group of just heifers, or towels used in the proper context to refer to females.

What is a Group of Calves Called?

Same thing here: there is no special term for a group of calves alone. A group of calves can still be referred to collectively as cattle or the unit of multiple calves as a herd.

Acorn Dairy Cows Enjoy Turnout 2014- a happy herd!

Are there Any Other Terms for Groups of Cows?

There are a few other special terms for groups of cows, collectively, that have been used over the years.

One such archaic term that is rarely used these days but you’ll still see referenced in various stories and publications from the 19th century is “drove” which refers to a group of cows as a unit in the same way as a herd does.

It sounds strange at first, but with a little thinking you’ll have a light bulb moment: cattle drives were the primary way to move huge groups of cows from place to place way back in the day, and in some areas they still are!

Hence we get “drove” of cattle; a huge group of cows.

Another term is “kine,” which is a truly old, even ancient, term for cows used in the same way as cattle, to refer to multiple members of the species collectively.

Instead of saying, “I’m a cattle rancher,” you could say “I am a kine rancher.” Actually, I don’t recommend you do this because pretty much anyone in America is going to look at you like you have horns growing out of your head!

This term is said to originate from England, or possibly Germany, but the research is inconclusive and, at any rate, you will almost never hear it referred to these days.

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