27 Adorable White Chicken Breeds to Raise

I’ve raised a LOT of white chickens over the years, and let me tell you, they were all adorable! By the end of this article, your decision of who to pick is going to be hard to make because of the cuteness overload.

a light Brahma rooster
a light Brahma rooster

White chickens are often preferred for meat production as their under color is very light. Colored chickens have hairy skin that requires singeing after plucking while white chickens, for the most part, have smooth skin.

They are categorized as dominant, recessive, albino, or partial albino based on genetics. They are also loved for their cuteness and for many awards at bird shows.

Let’s get going and let’s learn about these white chicken breeds and whether or not they’re something you’d want to keep…

Dominant White Chicken Breeds to Raise

Dominant white chickens were bred by crossing white leghorns and Indian Games way back in 1902.

Because of years of breeding, their dominant gene color is white. This gene is then consistently passed down from generation to generation. The color is inherited.

While other colors can be bred within the same group, breeding white with white will result in white chicks.

BreedFull Size/BantamsEggs Per WeekEggsMeatShowPets
Hamburg WhiteBantam3
Modern GameBothLess than 1 per day
Rhode IslandBoth6-7
Plymouth RockBoth5

1. Brahma

Brahmas are well suited to all climates. They are great dual-purpose birds, but the cuteness factor will leave you wondering who and why anyone would want to eat them.

Brahma chickens appear to be tall with puffy, hippy-style pants (feathers), fluffy slippers, and a big, fluffy derriere.

2. Jersey Giant

Jersey giants are exactly what the name implies. They do take longer to grow than other chickens, but when they reach their full weight, they are considered the largest chicken breed in the world.

They can be intimidating to little children because of how big they are, but when your kids get to know this gentle giant, they will come to love them very quickly.

They are also very docile and friendly…

White Jersey Giant Chicken Breed (Breeder Flock) | Cackle Hatchery

Their weight makes flying an impossibility so keeping them in your coop or yard is very easy.

Their feathers are very close to their bodies, they have red wattles, ear lobes, and a single comb. Their beak is horn colored, and their eyes are brown. Their feet and skin are yellow.

They are friendly to people and other birds. They will go out of their way to avoid disputes.

3. Hamburg White

Hamburg White chickens are beautifully plumed, the hens have plump, fluffy feathers on their upper legs and thighs, and the roosters have elaborate tail feathers that resemble a veil.

Hamburg chickens are specifically bred for exhibitions because of their regal good looks.

They have pure white earlobes, bright red wattles, and a rose comb. They carry their bodies proudly, making them stand out at shows.

These energetic chickens are pretty adventurous, and will fly up to roost in trees and explore wherever they can.

a white Leghorn hen
a white Leghorn hen

4. Leghorn

White leghorn chickens have a tendency to be very nosy when anything changes in their environment.

Everyone’s necks extend up as they all look inquisitively to see what is up. That said, their inquisitiveness stems from their nervous temperament. They are very alert and wary of change.

They are small birds that are stylishly good-looking with rose combs, and they have a proud, upright stance. Their tails are held high, while their feathers are thick and super-soft.

They can be noisy, and they do best as free-range birds. They can fly and love to roost in trees…

5. Minorca

Minorca chickens are primarily ornamental. These beautiful birds have white-pinkish skin, slate-colored legs, and large earlobes and wattles.

Minorka white, Minorka weiß, Lipsia-Schau Leipzig 2013

While the hens are not quite stunning enough to qualify as adorable, the roosters have gorgeous tails adorned with long feathers that sweep over almost like a hairdo with a side parting. They are lovely to look at.

They are a bit shy and skittish and will fly to avoid contact with any perceived possibility of danger.

6. Modern Game

Sadly, modern game chickens were bred for fighting. Thankfully, fighting is now illegal in almost all states in America.

What makes the modern game chickens cute is their posture more than anything else.

Their tall stature, broad shoulders, strong wings, long thin necks, and long legs make them look like they belong on the runways at some designer’ clothing modeling show.

These cuties make great pets because they’re super-friendly and affectionate, and they tolerate being handled well. This, and their looks, also makes them great show birds.

Starting a Project - White Polish

7. Polish White

If the Polish white does not melt your heart, I do not know what will! They are the most whimsical, stunning chickens you can imagine.

They are snow white with big, bushy hairdos. When I say hairdos, I mean big, feathery hairdos that are guaranteed to get a laugh.

Their hairdos limit their eyesight somewhat, making them easy to startle. If they aren’t startled, they are calm, gentle, and docile.

They make great pets because of their docile nature, and when you see one, you will want one. They are almost as cute as my golden retrievers.

These chickens are a favorite at exhibitions!

White Polish chickens stand erect; they look as if they know just how good-looking they really are and are proud of it. They are pure white with slate blue legs, feet, and bright red beaks and wattles.

Their crest is full to overflowing with fluffy white feathers – their hairdos – and they also have an abundance of fluffy white feathers around the chin and neck.

Rhode Island White Chickens

8. Rhode Island

Rhode Island chickens are a hardy breed that loves to forage as free-range birds. They do not, however, do well in very cold climates. They are fantastic egg-laying birds, though!

They are friendly, docile birds that, in addition to being great dual-purpose birds, make excellent pets and show birds.

They have solid white feathers, yellow beaks and legs, and medium-sized rose or red single combs.

9. Phoenix

Roosters of the Phoenix chickens have glorious, long veil-like tails.

They are easy to work with, docile birds. They do tend to be a bit shy, but if you work with them from birth, you can build an incredible bond with them.

They are very active birds that do better as free-range rather than confined birds.

Raising White Plymouth Rocks so we can cut out the middleman!

10. Plymouth Rock

White Plymouth rock chickens aren’t shy by any means… They’re friendly birds who love to follow their handlers around. If you are working in the garden, they will happily lend a hand – or is it a beak?

They are hardy birds that tolerate extreme weather well.

Recessive White Chickens to Breed

Recessive white chickens appear to be just as white as dominant white chickens. The difference can only be seen by progeny testing. These chickens come in different colors as well…

The difficulty is that there are more adorable recessive white chickens to choose from than adorable dominant white chickens.

BreedFull Size/BantamsEggs Per WeekEggsMeatShowPets
White ArucanaBoth3
White BarnevelderBoth3-4
White CochinBoth2-3
White RockBoth3-4

11. Silkie

Silkie chickens are really cute… and popular among chicken keepers. These birds are much loved for several reasons.

Their feathers are super fluffy and silky to the touch, and they come with beautiful hairdos and beautiful leggings.

A unique feature of silkies is that they have 5 toes on each foot, whereas most other breeds only have 4 toes per foot.

a white silkie hen
a white silkie hen

Their earlobes are blue, and their bones, beaks, and eyes are all black. Perhaps the most unusual feature of the Silkie is its striking black skin.

Silkies are so friendly, they are great pets. They are bred for shows because of their goofy looks…

One last thing, silkies are broody! While they only lay 2 or 3 tiny eggs per week, they will sit on any egg they find.

If you have another chicken breed that is not the broody type, silkies will adopt those eggs in a heartbeat

In fact, they will not only adopt chicken eggs, but they will also sit on goose eggs, duck eggs, and even turkey eggs, or any other they find.

Chicken Breed Analysis: The Ameraucana

12. White Araucana

White Araucana are absolutely adorable! They have a body full of fluffy, white feathers, and are well suited to cold climates, with delicate tufts of feathers that protrude from their cheeks. These tufts can take on a life of their own and grow in any and every direction.

They’re very upright birds with their backs sloping towards their bottoms. They don’t have tail feathers, contributing to their distinctive postures.

Their temperaments can differ as dramatically as peoples’, with some birds loving humans and being eager for human contact, while others cannot stand human contact.

If you have a friendly Araucana, they make the best pets. They can become attached, and love cuddling with their owners.

13. Barnevelder

The white Barnevelder is a truly spectacular breed. Where colored Barnevelders have more than one color of feathers, the white Barnevelders are pure white with white plumage, so white it reminds me of a brand-new white sheet.

Their bodies are rectangular with high wings. Their high wings mean the birds cannot fly very far.

They carry themselves proudly with a slightly arched neck and a tail held at 50 degrees that have a moderate feather spread.

Their comb has 5 points, their eyes are red, their wattles, combs, and ears are all red, their beaks are light brown (horn), and their skin and legs are yellow.

While they’re easygoing in confinement, they love to be free to forage as they are very active birds.

White Barnevelders are very calm, docile birds that make great pets. Their calm demeanors make them excellent for shows. They are bred for meat and eggs too.

Their bubbly personalities and super fluffy feathers make them absolutely adorable.

White Cochin: 6-Month-Old Chickens

14. Cochin

White Cochins are absolutely gorgeous birds. They are super-friendly, calm, and have an abundance of fluffy, cloud-like feathers with fluffy white ‘boots’. 

White Cochins are pure white; they have bright white earlobes, wattles, and single combs. They have a red patch of skin around their eyes.

They are bred primarily for show and for pets.

15. Faverolles

A gift from France, Faverolles are really cute chickens with big bushy beards and muffs, feathered shanks and toes, and compact bodies. They are somewhat different from most other breeds in that they have 5 toes per foot.

Faverolles are shy and keep to themselves. They are sweet and docile birds but prefer not to be handled.

Faverolles have reddish bay eyes, pinkish-white shanks and toes, and a pinkish horn.

Chickens- White Langshan, Black Langshan, Buff Cochin

16. Langshan

These chickens are a sight to behold. These are tall birds; the roosters’ long feathered tails reach the same height as their heads. And they have fluffy feathers on their legs just above their feet.

White Langshan chickens are very peaceful birds that don’t mind being handled. They will often follow you around and happily spend time with you. They make awesome pets and show birds, but are also bred for meat and eggs.

White Langshan chickens are curious, docile birds that form a close bond with their handlers. They often seem a little confused about the fact that they are chickens and not parrots.

They will happily jump on their human’s shoulders, and are very often confused about the fact that they are not golden retrievers (as they loyally follow you around not wanting you to stray to where they can’t see you).

Chicken Breeds - White Sultan

17. Sultan

If ever there was a ranking of chickens by cliques, the white Sultan chicken would be the punk rockers. They have long flowing feathers with the craziest hairdos you can imagine.

Sultan chickens have almost no problem with being handled making them excellent pets and show birds – which they are primarily bred for. They are very friendly and calm birds.

They have 5 toes, they have tufts of feathers on their heads and feet, they have large, puffy crests, they have long tails, they have long beards, their earlobes and wattles are red, and their face is red.

Sultan chickens are very broody and make excellent mothers.

They are classified by the Wildlife Conservatory as being in a critical state and possibly face extinction within the next few years if nothing is done to save the breed.

18. Asil

These crazy-looking chickens are crazy cute. Originally bred for fighting, Asil chickens love to argue. These scrawny-looking chickens have the most surreal long necks – they are the giraffes of the chicken breeds.

Asil chickens have a thin, compact build, the aforementioned long, skinny neck, and a fan of tail feathers.

While some may say they are chickens only a mother could love, I say they are adorable.

lavender orpington rooster

19. Orpington

Orpington chickens are gentle, balls of fluff. They are sweet, easy-going, and friendly birds who are loyal to their handlers.

Orpingtons love to be handled and especially like to cuddle. They are gloriously great pets and show birds.

Orpingtons love to be snuggled and held. This sweetness only adds to their appeal…

20. Australorp

Australorp chickens in America are mostly black, but the population of white Australorp is growing rapidly.

Australorp birds are excellent for families with small children because they are super friendly, docile birds who will follow their handlers faithfully around. They love to be held and cuddled.

While they are excellent free-range chickens, they do tolerate confinement well.

Cornish Broilers Week 10! Why we keep them longer?

21. Cornish

Cornish chickens are heavy birds with broad chests. They do well in warm climates but not so well in colder ones.

They’re friendly, docile, calm birds that are great for families; however, they can be moody and aggressive.

Cornish chickens are very muscular with an abundance of soft, fluffy feathers. They are stocky, with wide skulls, short necks, and well-spaced legs.

Hens are very broody and make wonderful mothers…

The Pekin Bantam Chicken Breed

22. Pekin

Pekin chickens are delightfully adorable with their super fluffy feathers that extend down their legs and onto their feet and long fluffy tails.

Pekins are great companion birds as they love to be picked up and held. They are calm, sweet birds who just love to hang out with their handlers.

23. California

California chickens are a great dual-purpose breed, but meat and eggs are not all this breed is good for.

California chickens are really likable for their friendly nature. What makes them truly interesting is their intelligence. They are able to learn to act on instruction, much like a dog.

They are small to medium-sized chickens that a great for shows, make wonderful pets, and are great with kids.

They are hardy birds that do well in all climates.

24. Yokohama

White Yokohama chickens have luminescent feathers with long, trailing tail feathers, and long feathers brushing off from their necks.

They are exquisite show birds with friendly personalities. They are docile and don’t mind being handled, making them lovable pets for the whole family.

Sadly, their population has dwindled to an estimated 1000 birds worldwide today.

It isn’t just a cute bird; it is a cute bird in desperate need of help to bring the population up.

a blue laced Red Wyandotte
a blue laced Red Wyandotte

25. Wyandotte

While Wyandottes are primarily bred for meat and eggs, their stunning plumage combined with their calm, friendly personalities makes them thrive at shows and make them excellent family-friendly birds.

The white Wyandotte is an excellent layer, laying 4 to 6 eggs per week. They do well in cold and hot climates.

They have an abundance of fluffy snow-white feathers, bright red wattles, a rose comb, and yellow skin and legs.

Their feathers make them look exceptionally large, strip away the feathers and you still have a large bird, just not as big as the feathers lead you to believe.

26. White Rock

White Rock chickens have stunningly bright white plumage, bright red combs, and yellow legs and feet.

Their fluffy feathers make them well-suited to cold weather; however, their combs are very susceptible to frostbite, meaning they will need a warm shelter in winter.

They are happy to forage for food as free-range birds.

They are very friendly birds that will happily follow you around as you go about your chores. They are docile, calm birds that can get picked on if you have a more dominant chicken breed you want to couple into the flock.

Hens are very broody and make excellent mothers.

I have saved the most adorable white chicken for last!

White Polish frizzle Chickens Uk - rare breed poultry

27. Frizzles

Frizzles are the most ridiculously funny-looking chickens you could ever imagine. Instead of flat feathers, their feathers are curly in every direction. They are ornamental birds; if you see them, you will know why…

Frizzles are friendly, docile birds that make brilliant pets and show birds (they aren’t yet recognized by the American Poultry Association but are still big contenders at shows). They have a single, red comb, and light-colored beaks.

I just love, love, love the adorable Frizzle and hope you will get a good laugh when you see just how cute they truly are.

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