Pressure Canning Recipes

As your garden produces, you need a way to preserve all that goodness. Try these pressure canning recipes to get started.

You can freeze, dehydrate or can your produce to store it for later use. If you decide to can your produce, you’ll need to know that low acid vegetables like peas, green beans, peppers, and corn all need to be pressure canned to be safe.

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Learning how to pressure can your garden produce isn’t hard, really. Some people have shied away from pressure canning due to fears of explosions, worry about proper recipes and general lack of know how. If you need some help with getting started, you can go here for some “Pressure Canner 101” help. Once you are ready to pressure can, you will want some tried and tested recipes to help fill your pantry.

Here’s a list of some of my “go to” pressure canning recipes that are easy enough for a beginner, and are useful enough for the most seasoned of canning veterans!


How to Preserve Blueberries
How to Can Apricots at Home
How to Preserve Cherries
How to Can Strawberries

How To Can Strawberry Jam Without Adding Pectin
Canning Applesauce
How to Can Peaches for Year Long Enjoyment
Best Ways To Preserve Apples {4 Ways To Get Started!}
Making Homemade Peach Jelly From Peach Peelings
Peach Butter To Make And Can At Home
Raw Blueberry Jam


How to Can Corn
Canning Carrots-Stock Your Own Pantry
How to Can Peas
How to Can Green Beans
Canning Tomatoes {And How To Make & Can Tomato Paste!}
How to Can Bell Peppers 
4 Quick and Easy Ways to Preserve Eggplant

Dry Beans and Quick Meals

How to Can Dried Beans
Chuck Roast with Carrots
Hamburger Mix
Canned Chili

Soups, Broths, and Syrups

Canning Broth
Home Canned Soup
Chicken Soup
Ginger Syrup

Sauces and Meats

Spaghetti Sauce
How to Can Beef
How to Can Chicken
How To SAFELY Can Butter

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14 thoughts on “Pressure Canning Recipes”

  1. Oh- thanks for sharing these! My grandma always canned items and I know it is definitely a budget saving tool so thanks for the info!

  2. Your recipes seem yummy! I have canned, but haven’t tried pressure canning. Honestly I’m terrified of using a pressure cooker. When I was small, I remember my mom was cooking something in one and the lid exploded while I was in the kitchen. I’ve been traumatized ever since.

  3. Adin Blankenship

    I have never tried canning before, but I don’t know why I didn’t get around to it when we have so much pears, apples and what not in our orchard and garden. I should try some someday. The only thing I did a year ago was making some Pear Butter and it was delicious and jarred some of them. I sure know nothing about canning and thanks for sharing. Your recipes sure do sound yummy.

  4. Elizabeth Copeland

    I’ve only done water bath canning in the big pan, as our pressure canner broke. I’m still on the fence about buying a new one, as I keep promising the hubby our garden will be a huge success and then I kinda fail miserably. I really want to can salsa!

  5. If that’s your pressure canner in this pic, I love that it’s been used alot! 🙂 Canning has saved me a ton of money, and honestly I enjoy watching my backyard garden grow, and then getting to enjoy the harvest all year long.

    1. without knowing the recipe you are using, its very difficult for me to say “yes”. There are a lot of factors in a recipe that can effect safety.

  6. hello I’m planning on pressure canning some lobster haven’t been able to find a recipe would it be the same as calms and other fish?

    1. Although there are tested times for crab, fish and clams, I am not aware of any safety tests done on lobster.

  7. I was wondering if I could can eggplant. I have a recipe for low carb eggplant mini muffins that we love. I made the muffins last year and froze them but the weren’t as good as fresh. I would like to can the eggplant in 1/2 or 1/4 pint jars and make them fresh in the winter. Any suggestions? Thanks

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