David Dornbrack

David Dornbrack is a permaculture designer and author from the Austin area of Texas, USA. He first achieved his PDC in South Africa in 2013, and has since traveled to the world's prototypical intentional community and ecovillage, Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. He has gardened in three different climate types - Mediterranean, Cold Temperate, and Humid Subtropical. His favorite plants are tomatoes, chilies, and potatoes. He believes that humans function best when interdependent - able to take good care of themselves so that they can be generous and giving to others. He would like to gain experience in house-building, carpentry, and solar electricity installation.

permaculture zone 3 example

Permaculture Zones – Everything You Need to Know

The topics of Permaculture design are applicable to a wide variety of homesteading builds. Permaculture design thinking is efficient and is meant to mimic natural ecosystems. However, Permaculture can be an intimidating topic to tackle, knowing that short courses in permaculture are meant to last a minimum of 72 hours. Zoning is one of those …

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compost toilet on block

Building Composting Toilets for Beginners

This article will explain and feature the composting toilet, an eco-friendly and permaculture-compliant alternative to flush toilets. Different settings of composting toilets will be compared, and both advantages and limitations discussed. Composting toilets are almost certainly an ancient technology that predates literate society. The simplest composting toilet design possible may involve a hole in the …

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