The ULTIMATE Strawberry Recipe Collection

The-ultimate-strawberry-recipe-collection~The HomesteadingHippy

Strawberry Season is coming! I sooo can’t wait to get a hold of those fresh, delicious, juicy jewels! Here are over 45 delicious ways to enjoy these sweet berries! Strawberry Salads Strawberry-Spinach Salad Strawberry Bruschetta Strawberry Beet Salad Strawberry Salsa Strawberry Radish Salad Strawberry Jams Strawberry Freezer Jam Strawberry Jam Peppered Balsamic Berry Jam Strawberry… [read more]

Taco Salad


I love eating salads. I could eat a salad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The problem a lot of people have with salads is that we toss some limp greens on a plate, smother it with a creamy, tasteless dressing and call it “salad”. We need to add variety to that! This taco salad contains… [read more]

5 Snacks to Stop Buying and Start Making From Home

snack foods to make at home

Today, let’s talk about the 5 snacks you should stop buying and start making at home. When you make things from scratch, you control the ingredients, as well as the amount of trash you bring into your home. It’s not hard to make these snacks, it just takes a bit of time. I usually set… [read more]

Palm Shortening

homemade buttermilk biscuits

I love making my own biscuits. They are light and flaky, tender and there is no way I can ever go back to using canned biscuits.(get the recipe here) My favorite fat to use for them is palm shortening. And, I love Tropical Traditions Palm shortening. It comes in a large bucket that makes it… [read more]

5 More Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home

foods to stop buying and start making

We’ve talked about 5 Foods you should stop buying and start making. We explored tortillas, mayo, pancake mix, taco seasoning, and pizza. Today, we are going to explore 5 MORE foods to stop buying and start making at home. BREAD This is really an easy thing to make, once you get the hang of it.… [read more]

Cook’N Cookbook Software {review and GIVEAWAY}

cook'n recipe and cookbook software

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Cook’n Recipe and Cookbook Software Do you love trying new recipes, and love the idea of being able to store all your cookbooks in one place? How about finding that perfect recipe online, bookmarking or pinning it for later, only to forget where you put… [read more]

5 Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home

5 foods to stop making and start buying

5 Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home Grocery prices are going up everywhere. The other day, I took my husband grocery shopping with me and I sighed when I looked at all the prices. “I remember when that cream cheese was only $1.09 a block. Now, it’s $2.50 on SALE” “See that… [read more]

Community Cookbook Winter Soups


I don’t know about you, but I am coooold! This winter has been long and hard and I don’t think Spring is every going to arrive! We’ve had a polar vortex, over 56 inches of snow (average is only 24 a season) and it’s not over yet! Keeping my family warm and nourished to get… [read more]

How to Make Basil Butter

basil buter

How to Make Basil Butter One of the many herbs I grow in my garden each year is basil. My family can’t get enough of it for pesto, in sauces, capresse salads and more! Today, I am going to share with you how to make basil butter so you can enjoy this delicious herb all… [read more]

Potato Croquets


I was fortunate enough to be able to buy 200 lbs. of potatoes from a local farm this year, and they were only $.10 a pound. Of course, that means lots and lots of potato soup, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes. I found a way for us to use up some of the leftover mashed… [read more]